The 4 Threats to Prosperity

February 17, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Many people are arguing that some of the politically-charged news we’re seeing these days — protesters in the streets, uncertainty with foreign countries, Donald Trump’s tweets — will lead to instability and problems in the markets or economy. Brian Wesbury, chief economist with First Trust Portfolios, just doesn’t agree. Rather, he believes the four specific…

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Whose Country is Fairest of them All?

February 9, 2017, by Roland Manarin

If you had to guess the country that is considered the most libertarian in the world, which would you pick? Think about the highest libertarian ideals – complete personal freedom and economic freedom – then think about which countries exemplify these ideals the best. You might be surprised to know that the country that ranked…

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Econ Duel: Fiat Money vs. the Gold Standard

January 31, 2017, by Roland Manarin

The onset of the financial crisis and the Great Recession has prompted many Americans to take a closer look at the gold standard and fiat money systems. As many of you know, the gold standard is what we had throughout the 19th Century and Great Depression. Fiat Money is what we use in America now….

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The Sheer Hypocrisy of Liberals

January 20, 2017, by Roland Manarin

The sheer hypocrisy of liberals is sometimes too much bear. While our new Vice President Mike Pence was quoted as saying “We will be ready to serve the people on the first day,” former President Barack Obama’s presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett was quoted as saying “We will be ready to rule on day one.” In…

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You Need to See This

January 13, 2017, by Roland Manarin

During the 2014 tax year, the Clinton Foundation, operated by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, raised nearly $178 million. And total expenses, according to an article published on The Federalist’s website, were about $91.2 million. Salaries of nearly $35 million comprised a big chunk of those expenses. Meanwhile, the total “grants given to charity” was $5,160,385…

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Lift Your Spirits: Attend “FreedomFest”

January 4, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Happy New Year! As we go into a new year, we all want to feel hopeful and optimistic about the year ahead. We want to feel like the things that need to be improved will improve and the things that need to be changed will change. With that in mind, it’s undeniably a hard time…

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