Branco Cartoon — “Crime Scene”

May 17, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Thought you might enjoy a “funny” on this dreary Wednesday! This recent cartoon by A.F. Branco has some spot-on commentary on the partnership of “The Press” and the Democratic party as they try to find evidence of a “Russia Trump Collusion.” Enjoy!

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Governments Can Theoretically Destroy all the Wealth in the World in One Year

May 12, 2017, by Roland Manarin

I know this headline is kind of hard to swallow, and even harder to believe. But as Jeffrey A. Tucker writes in an article published on the Foundation for Economic Education’s (FEE’s) website, it’s possible. It’s very possible. The only way for government to get their “energy” is from “someone else’s money.” And the way they…

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Why Gold is Good Money

May 4, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Throughout history, we’ve seen many things used as money, from cattle to salt to seashells. However, nothing has stood the test of time as the most enduring “exchange” as gold. In a recent article published on, author Doug Casey cites the five reasons Aristotle gave in the 4th century BCE for why gold is…

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Being a Good Financial Steward: A Lesson from the Parable of Talents

April 24, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Many of you might be familiar with the Parable of Talents, a story from the Bible about the three servants who were entrusted with different amounts of “talents,” or money, to oversee. One servant was given five talents, one was given two and one was given one. After returning from a journey, the servant who…

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23 Ways Big Government is Hurting the Poor

April 12, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Climate change regulations, the Renewable Fuel Standard, the Federal Sugar Program, high minimum wages and rent control. These five big government policies have one thing in common: they, along with several others, that are “intended” to help the poor, but instead hurt the poor. A total of 23 such policies are addressed in a new…

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The Trump Rule

April 5, 2017, by Roland Manarin

A proposed “Trump Rule” email that is being passed around the Internet may borrow quite a bit from Warren Buffet’s “Buffet Rule” he outlined in a 2011 interview with CNBC. The Rule suggests the components of a “Congressional Reform Act of 2017,” which would put limits and requirements on members of Congress in regards to their health…

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