Austan Goolsbee is Wrong

October 18, 2016, by Roland Manarin

During a recent interview on Fox News, Austan Goolsbee, former Chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, claimed our country is suffering from a lack of demand. And his solution for boosting economic growth is more government spending. This is “music to politicans’ ears,” said Brian Wesbury says in a recent Wesbury 101 video….

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Catholics Don’t Have to Be Commies

October 11, 2016, by Roland Manarin

Pope Francis’ view on Christianity and economics has given way to a new movement called “Tradinista,” led by disgruntled “orthodox” Catholic Millennials seeking to combine “traditional” Catholicism with Sadinista economics and politics. Not only is “Tradinista” troubling. A recent article by John Zmirak published by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) argues, this new movement…

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October 4, 2016, by Roland Manarin

If you need a good laugh to start your week, check out this entertaining video I was forwarded by a friend featuring the “Liar Liar Pants on Fire Hillary Song.” In a very amusing — yet disturbingly true — way, the video chronicles the questionable actions Hillary Clinton was a part of over the years,…

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Now We Know Why Hillary Used Private Email

October 1, 2016, by Roland Manarin

Most of us know by now that Hillary Clinton set up a personal server to prevent Americans from knowing about her private business. But do you know all the reasons why she did it? A recent “Justice with Judge Jeanine” clip published on Fox News reports that Hillary Clinton took the time to hide, destroy…

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The Myth of the Bee-pocalypse

September 20, 2016, by Roland Manarin

Bee “colony collapse disorder” was officially declared a problem in 2006, after commercial beekeepers began to notice an unusually high rate of honeybee “die-offs” over the winter. Since then, the media has warned us of “beemaggedon” or a “beepocalypse,” which will pose a “threat to our food supply.” In response, in 2014, the Obama administration…

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Bill Whittle on Black Lives Matter

September 14, 2016, by Roland Manarin

The slogan “Black Lives Matter” leads to a big lie that actually hurts more people than it helps. As many of us know, the slogan claims that white Americans – especially white police officers – are exterminating young, black American males on the streets of our cities. Bill Whittle provides a powerful rebuttal to this…

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