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Greenspan Bemoans Brexit, Belatedly Backs Gold

July 16, 2016, by Roland Manarin

As we all know, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan spent his tenure in that job pumping up the financial markets and permitting government spending commitments. Today, it seems he is regretting his actions while he was in the top post at America’s central bank. In fact, according to an article published by the Foundation…

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Obama’s “Recovery”

June 20, 2016, by Roland Manarin

Every quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis updates nine charts that demonstrate how the economic policies of the Obama administration have hurt America’s economy. For example, under Obama’s administration, food stamps have increased, consumer and government debt has grown, health insurance costs have risen and home ownership has declined. These charts show us…

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Debt is an Elephant in the Room

March 10, 2016, by Roland Manarin

The American economy is being taken over by debt — both public and private — and no one wants to talk about it. As an article by Samuel Bryan, published on schiffgold.com points out, the national U.S. debt recently crossed the $19 trillion threshold. As Peter Schiff said in a recent Gold Videocast: “the Federal…

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Greetings and Some Concerns from Roland

March 9, 2015, by Roland Manarin

For 37 years, I’ve sought to educate folks on “real-world” safety and how to achieve a fair, long-term return on their investments. My advice often runs the opposite of the “trend du jour.” Lately, I’ve noticed the crowd is starting to behave like they did in the late ’90s, and this behavior is causing me…

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The Fed’s Massive Power Grab

August 14, 2014, by Roland Manarin

Over the past several years, the Federal Reserve has “seamlessly morphed from an institution that occasionally intervened in financial markets to a monster that apparently wants to control a great deal of the U.S. financial system,” according to a recent article by Brian Wesbury published by First Trust Portfolios. In the article, Wesbury provided examples…

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Bull Market Trend Remains Intact for 2012

May 3, 2012, by Roland Manarin

A recent report from the Tillman Stock and Bond Hotline offers some promising data and statistics that bode well for the rest of 2012! Enjoy! Reprinted with permission from the Tillman Stock and Bond Hotline For: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 (800) 219-1333. vethotline@aol.com A few weeks ago, some of the skeptics on Wall Street pointed…

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