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Puerto Rico’s Plight Shows Importance of Keeping Cash, Gold and Silver

October 19, 2017, by Roland Manarin

More than three weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it’s hard to believe most of the country remains without power. People still living on the island continue to struggle to get enough food, fuel and medicine shortages. And because most of the country is still without electricity and Wifi, the only way to pay…

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Why Gold is Good Money

May 4, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Throughout history, we’ve seen many things used as money, from cattle to salt to seashells. However, nothing has stood the test of time as the most enduring “exchange” as gold. In a recent article published on, author Doug Casey cites the five reasons Aristotle gave in the 4th century BCE for why gold is…

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Being a Good Financial Steward: A Lesson from the Parable of Talents

April 24, 2017, by Roland Manarin

Many of you might be familiar with the Parable of Talents, a story from the Bible about the three servants who were entrusted with different amounts of “talents,” or money, to oversee. One servant was given five talents, one was given two and one was given one. After returning from a journey, the servant who…

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Inflation: Now a Matter of When, Not If

March 1, 2017, by Roland Manarin

We’ve been told by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen that we needn’t be concerned about an increase in the rate of inflation this year. According to an article by Kristy Smith posted on Fortress Gold Group’s website, Yellen said in a recent speech at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research that “even if the labor…

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Econ Duel: Fiat Money vs. the Gold Standard

January 31, 2017, by Roland Manarin

The onset of the financial crisis and the Great Recession has prompted many Americans to take a closer look at the gold standard and fiat money systems. As many of you know, the gold standard is what we had throughout the 19th Century and Great Depression. Fiat Money is what we use in America now….

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Greenspan Bemoans Brexit, Belatedly Backs Gold

July 16, 2016, by Roland Manarin

As we all know, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan spent his tenure in that job pumping up the financial markets and permitting government spending commitments. Today, it seems he is regretting his actions while he was in the top post at America’s central bank. In fact, according to an article published by the Foundation…

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