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Greenspan Bemoans Brexit, Belatedly Backs Gold

July 16, 2016, by Roland Manarin

As we all know, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan spent his tenure in that job pumping up the financial markets and permitting government spending commitments. Today, it seems he is regretting his actions while he was in the top post at America’s central bank. In fact, according to an article published by the Foundation…

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Six Signs that 2016 will be much worse than 2015

December 28, 2015, by Roland Manarin

We as Americans witnessed several events during 2015 that had, and will continue to have, an impact on our individual freedom. Troubling geopolitical developments, surging defaults as global debt exploded, the Fed’s interest rate hike, and the collapse in oil prices were among the many events we experienced. Looking ahead, several more problematic events are…

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Global Gold Outlook Report

May 26, 2015, by Roland Manarin

I’ve worked with Claudio Grass, managing director of the Switzerland-based Global Gold, Inc., for more than five years and enjoy his perspective. To that end, I thought I’d share a recent report published by the organization he leads, titled Global Gold Outlook Report. This issue covers several topics, including: “Switzerland: The last bastion of liberty”;…

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Rising Rates and Gold — The Myth

March 23, 2015, by Roland Manarin

When exactly the Fed will begin raising the Fed Funds Rate has been in the news for a while now. And the timing of the rate increase is yet to be determined. However, the prospect of these increases is successfully keeping investors on the sidelines as investment banks continue to perpetuate the myth that rising…

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Getting Gold-Bugged

June 12, 2013, by Roland Manarin

Excerpted from Roland’s 2008 book, “Manarin on Money”: Those of us who understand the way money works and use gold as a buffer against calamity are often regarded with skepticism. Just as in the late 1970s, around 2000 – when gold was setting record lows – my colleagues in the investment world and the media…

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A Golden Currency Board

June 20, 2012, by Roland Manarin

Until early in the 20th century, gold played a central role in the world of money. Gold had an incredible run — almost three thousand years. And why not? After all, Professor Roy Jastram convincingly documents in The Golden Constant just how gold maintains its purchasing power over long periods of time. Click here for…

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