How We Serve You

Manarin Investment Counsel offers a comprehensive list of services designed to meet all of your financial planning needs, ranging from retirement and rollover planning to estate and tax planning partnerships.

We will work with you to understand and balance your return goals, risk tolerance, time horizons and philanthropic desires. Then, we incorporate the services needed to create a custom plan that will meet your needs.


Portfolio Management

Your asset portfolio, regardless of its size or contents, is vital to your financial success. And we know everyone’s individual portfolio has unique goals. We’re ready to work with you, whether you are most interested in asset protection or asset accumulation, to develop a strategy and plan that meets your individual needs.

Retirement and Rollover Planning

A secure retirement begins with a well-thought-out plan. Our advisors will help you create realistic yet achievable goals based on the level of assets needed to maintain financial well-being and your desired standard of living. We can also help with IRA rollovers from old employers to help ensure consolidation, control and increased investment flexibility.

Retirement Income Planning

Americans are spending more years in retirement than in the past. The challenge is to create an inflation-adjusted income that spans these additional years. By taking into account any social security, pensions, 401ks or other investment accounts, our advisors will help you create a realistic retirement income plan to help ensure that your income lasts as long as your retirement.

Estate & Tax Planning Partnerships

A specialized team of professionals is needed to ensure all aspects of your financial life are covered. We will work with your estate and tax planner/CPAs to help design, implement, and monitor your holistic financial plan. If needed, we can also connect you with one of our trusted partners to make sure you receive the counsel and service you deserve.

Small Business Retirement Plan Management

We’ll take care of your retirement plan so you can focus on running your business. No matter the structure of your operation, we can put together a plan to fit your needs. We have experience working with several types of accounts, including 401K plans, and can help with everything from choosing your investments to selecting other service providers, so goals for your business and your retirement are achieved.

Financial Education

Financial education is central to our firm’s mission and philosophy. That’s why we have empowered our clients through financial education services for over 30 years. In 2008, Roland Manarin authored a book called Manarin on Money and the firm hosts monthly investment classes. Advisors offer insights and opinions on financial and investment issues on the weekly radio show, It’s Your Money, broadcast on Omaha’s KFAB, as well as via regular blog posts on

It’s easy to get started. We offer all the help you need to set up and manage your plan. Contact us to get started.



Conventional Wisdom

  • Influenced by hot investment trends
  • Safety = Low volatility and principal protection
  • Focused on meeting short-term “wants”

Manarin Advantage

  • Influenced by history, free market economics and the consequences of monetary and fiscal policy
  • Safety = preservation of purchasing power
  • Focused on achieving long-term success

Asset Allocation

Conventional Wisdom

  • Hodgepodge selection based on last year’s “winners” and index tracking
  • Well-diversified = large number of holdings
  • Stock/bond age-based allocation

Manarin Advantage

  • Independent selection based on market fundamentals and geopolitical diversification
  • Well-diversified = utilization of several different areas of the market
  • Stock/bond valuation-based allocation

Manager Selection

Conventional Wisdom

  • Based on third-party ratings, product salesmen and recent performance
  • Influenced by the firm’s “shelf ” of choices
  • Advisor’s do not invest in the same portfolios as their clients

Manarin Advantage

  • Based on intense manager due-diligence – interviews, site visits and each manager’s philosophy and track record
  • Independent from “shelf” of choices or corporate dictates
  • Advisor’s invest in the same portfolios as their clients


Conventional Wisdom

  • Influenced by the 24/7 media
  • Informed by third-party ratings
  • Success determined by recent performance

Manarin Advantage

  • Influenced by relevant key issues with historical significance
  • Informed by relationships with managers, driven by constant communication
  • Success determined by consistency of performance and process


Conventional Wisdom

  • Belief that hedging is not necessary
  • Fixed income is a hedge
  • Return streams are linked to equity and bond markets

Manarin Advantage

  • Belief that hedging is necessary to protect against inflation, monetary crises and geopolitical instability
  • Gold is historically a good hedge
  • Return streams are not linked to equity or bond markets