“Diversity makes us stronger, and immigration makes us more prosperous.”

Have you heard that line before? It seems like a pretty common mantra for liberal politicians and voters, almost to the point that it seems like something we should all believe.

But as Wayne Allyn Root wrote in a poignant article published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the state of California is proof that this line is far from the truth.

California, home to more than 10 million immigrants, many of whom are illegal, has the highest poverty rate in the country, Root writes.

In addition:

  • California claims 22 percent of the country’s homeless population;
  • The state leads the nation in debt, with total state and local debt reaching almost $1.5 trillion;
  • Income, business, sales and gas taxes are the highest in the nation to help pay for the “enormous costs of illegal immigration”; and
  • The state is filthy. A recent NBC survey of San Francisco highlighted piles of garbage on the streets, used needles, gallons of urine and piles of feces, all of which are not only unhealthy but also unsafe.

Clearly, diversity and immigration – in the wrong form – does not lead to prosperity.

As root writes: “California offers a cautionary tale of what happens when you combine open borders and a pathetic welfare state with radical liberal politicians who see taxpayers as targets to be fleeced and illegal aliens as their core constituency.”

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