Less than a year ago, Brandon Stratka was a Liberal.

He became a Liberal, he tells us in his #WalkAway campaign video on youtube, because he “thought” it was a tribe whose values aligned with his own. He rejects racism and marginalization, tyrannical groupthink, and acceptance of junk science and superstition to advance ideological agendas. He rejects hate.

While these are the reasons why he became a Liberal to begin with, they are also the reasons why he is now “walking away” from Liberalism and the Democratic Party.

“Liberalism has been co-opted and absorbed by the very characteristics it claims to fight against,” Stratka says.

Formerly sensible people who claimed to reject racism are now embracing the principals of “universally hating and blaming all of society’s problems on people who have white skin.” Advocacy for gender equality has morphed into “hatred and intolerance of men and masculinity.” And anyone who doesn’t comply with the Left’s conclusions on any of these issues is labeled a “racist,” “bigot,” “white supremacist,” “Nazi” or “alt-right extremist.”

Perhaps the biggest lie the Left continues to generate, Stratka says, is that those who fit into any kind of minority category based on gender, race or other factors, are victims and destined to stay that way forever.

The media generates and helps the Left maintain all of these lies, making it harder and harder to see or understand the truth. So Stratka, for one, is “walking away,” and encourages others who still side with the Left or Democratic Party to do the same.

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