The American “aristocracy” and the media, in an effort to continue generating their anti-Trump propaganda, claim that President Trump is “incompetent,” “inexperienced,” as well as “corrupt,” “perverse,” “treasonous” and “criminally minded,” among other things.

They believe, as Victor Davis Hanson writes in an article published on the American Greatness website, that he is so unfit to be the President of the United States, he should be impeached.

However, Hanson writes that if all of these arguments were true, the following statements would also need to be accepted (and able to be proved) by all:

  • “There is a clear moral, legal and popular prerogative to remove Trump.” Hanson writes the contrary is true. Instead, Trump “enjoys about the general level of support as did many past presidents at this juncture in their administrations,” Hanson says. “He has survived his first midterm in better fashion than did either Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, who were both later easily re-elected.”
  • “Trump has failed.” In spite of the perceived chaos and disorder of Trump’s administration, “it has so far achieved a stronger economic record than did his predecessors, whether adjudicated by GDP growth, unemployment, energy production or deregulation.”
  • “There is a logical and systematic antithesis to Trumpism.” If this were true, an opposing candidate would need to run on premises including: open borders are more preferable to secure borders; the economy would be better off with higher unemployment and slower growth; food stamps need to be increased, not reduced, by over 3 million recipients; or taxes are too low, government is too small and entitlements are too few.

None of these statements are true, Hanson said. So, we can’t look to our “celebrities, billionaires, intellectuals and senior statesmen,” many of whose own behavior doesn’t support their supposed beliefs or integrity, to decide our opinion of our President.

We have to look at Trump’s record, his accomplishments, his steadfast opposition to “conventional wisdom.” He’s not perfect by any means. But, as Hanson writes, the fact is, “doing the opposite of what elite conventional wisdom advocated since January 2017 has made the nation stronger, not weaker.”

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