By now, most of us have at least heard of the QAnon movement. In a nutshell, it’s a movement that is seeking to uncover secrets of past leaders and other conspirators in an effort to give freedom and a future to the America we know and love.

For anyone looking for an overview of the movement and its beliefs, I wanted to pass along a video I recently watched on youtube.

In the video, the narrator reveals that the world has been under the growing influence of “a vast transgenerational, criminal mafia” that over time has been able to rise to the “highest levels of power.” This group of criminals is known as the “deep state” or the “cabal.”

This “cabal” took over the media to help cultivate their lies. They cut deals that led our country to hand over total control of the money system to the Federal Reserve. They created a new single world government called “Globalism,” where “no national identity, police force or military could stop them.” They installed “rouge operators” in government. They cut military funding, worked to dismantle NASA and used our “trusted agencies” to target and weaken political opponents. They relaxed our borders to allow millions of illegal immigrants to enter our country, and they moved money to fund global terrorism.

The narrator states that it wasn’t until 2016, when President Donald Trump was elected, that their “plan” was stopped.

If Trump hadn’t been elected, according to the video, they would have been able to continue with their plan by: siphoning “trillions in wealth” with their international climate change scams; eliminating the “good guys” from government; withdrawing even more money from the military; and banning the sale of fire arms to eliminate self-defense, among other destructive moves.

Instead, Donald Trump’s presidency has enabled people of America to become aware of the reality of the world they live in, realizing that so much was hidden and lied about by the media they had come to know and trust.

It’s now time, the narrator states, for Americans to become “The Plan.”

“Wherever we are, we will become The Plan when we choose to reject what they called globalism … it’s time to turn off the media, follow your instincts, trust yourself and be The Plan.”

I do hope these people achieve success, freeing us from the overbearing one-world government that has been fostered by previous leaders and return America to its original creation as a Republic.

Click here to watch the complete video.