What do James Comey, Lois Lerner, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller all have him common?

First of all, they were all “front line investigators” into the Clinton Foundation investigation.

But that’s not all, according to an article, posted on freerepublic.com.

They have all over the past several years been connected to abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, political espionage and other crimes.

“All the same players. All compromised and conflicted. All working fervently to NOT go to jail themselves,” writes the author.

And possibly the most important connection: “All connected in one way or another to the Clintons.”

Coincidence? More than likely not.

The article goes into more detail about their crooked interactions over the past couple of decades, and also introduces another, perhaps less well-known player in their schemes – Lisa H. Barsoomian. The attorney who graduated from Georgetown Law has represented, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, Bill Clinton in 1998, and also the Federal Bureau of Investigation at least five times between 1998 and 2017.

Why does Barsoomian and her work history matter so much? For starters, she is married to Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — yet another convenient coincidence.

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