Kansas was unrecognizable to Dorothy and her dog, Toto, after they entered the land of Oz. In the same way, “America,” as a concept, no longer exists in the U.S., writes Jeff Thomas in an article published on internationalman.com.

“Its vestiges remain, but soon, they too will be on the way out,” Thomas writes.

In the midst of this change, more and more Americans are questioning just what form of rule currently exists in the U.S.

If we don’t live in a democracy, do we live in a dictatorship? A bureaucracy? A plutocracy?

And another question that is hotly debated these days is “what sort of ‘ism’ the U.S. is living under,” Thomas writes. The Deep State has presented the U.S. economy as a capitalist economy. In response, socialism is gaining more and more popularity by candidates leaning toward the far left. And others think fascism, “the merger of state and corporate power,” is eating away at our economy.

Indeed, Thomas writes: “Over the last century, the Deep State, which is corporatist in origin, has grown and has done a first-rate job of introducing a combination of socialism and fascism, a bit at a time. This has slowly destroyed the economy, education and the national moral compass, not to mention achieving the utter corruption of the political system.”

Thomas predicts that in the near future, the economy will begin to collapse under the weight of growing fascism and socialism.

“However, the blame will be laid at the feet of capitalism,” he writes.

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