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Who Controls All of Our Money?

July 1, 2019, by Roland Manarin

Money basically controls our lives. It determines what we are able to do, what we are able to buy and how we spend hours of each day, among other things. But very few people ask the question: where does money actually come from? A video published on ColdFusion TV answers that question with a deep…

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Q: We Are The Plan

January 17, 2019, by Roland Manarin

By now, most of us have at least heard of the QAnon movement. In a nutshell, it’s a movement that is seeking to uncover secrets of past leaders and other conspirators in an effort to give freedom and a future to the America we know and love. For anyone looking for an overview of the…

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Trump is Right: The Federal Reserve is Crazy and Here are 101 Reasons Why It Should Be Shut Down

October 27, 2018, by Roland Manarin

As President Donald Trump was recently walking off Air Force One in Pennsylvania he said: “I think the Fed is making a mistake. They are so tight. I think the Fed has gone crazy.” These words, wrote Michael Snyder in an article published on infowars.com, might be some of the greatest words President Trump has…

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Erased history: how Rockefeller bankrolled Soviet Russia

October 1, 2018, by Roland Manarin

Gary Allen’s book, “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” become a bestseller after shortly after it was published in 1971. I read the book back then and thereafter quoted it often in my lectures. Allen’s thesis was pretty straightforward: super rich American capitalists were financing socialism. That book, writes Jon Rappoport in an article published on…

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Don’t Fret George Will’s “Epic Collapse”

August 21, 2018, by Roland Manarin

George Will recently wrote an article published by The Washington Post predicting that another “epic economic collapse is coming.” While the economy is extremely strong right now, nothing lasts forever, he argues. What’s going to cause it? The country’s debt.  But Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist at First Trust Portfolios, disagrees in a recent Wesbury 101…

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May 7, 2018, by Roland Manarin

It was a time when gas only cost 25 cents a gallon, when a week’s worth of groceries could be purchased for $10, and when you could get a haircut for less than 30 cents. No, it wasn’t the Stone Age. It was actually only a little over 60 years ago — 1955. A friend…

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