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Q: We Are The Plan

January 17, 2019, by Roland Manarin

By now, most of us have at least heard of the QAnon movement. In a nutshell, it’s a movement that is seeking to uncover secrets of past leaders and other conspirators in an effort to give freedom and a future to the America we know and love. For anyone looking for an overview of the…

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State of the Union Message from 1995

December 13, 2018, by Roland Manarin

The illegal aliens entering our country “hold jobs that might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants,” said the President in this speech published on youtube. “The public service they use imposes burdens on our taxpayers,” he continues. It is wrong to permit this kind of abuse, he continues, which is his administration is…

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A Bumper Sticker to Remember

November 8, 2018, by Roland Manarin

This is one of the best bumper stickers I’ve seen in a while! Enjoy!

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The Eternal Return of a Malevolent Charade – American Greatness

November 2, 2018, by Roland Manarin

Friedrich Nietzschke called a horrible idea or existence that goes on forever and is never destroyed, “the eternal return.” It was, as Roger Kimball wrote in an article posted on, “the hardest, weightiest, most depressing idea mankind could ever confront.” But, whether we realize it or not, we’ve all been confronted with this for…

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California: The American nightmare

September 21, 2018, by Roland Manarin

“Diversity makes us stronger, and immigration makes us more prosperous.” Have you heard that line before? It seems like a pretty common mantra for liberal politicians and voters, almost to the point that it seems like something we should all believe. But as Wayne Allyn Root wrote in a poignant article published by the Las…

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How Qanon Began – The Most Powerful Speech Ever Given by President Trump

September 6, 2018, by Roland Manarin

Remember the first speech Trump gave that really got everyone’s attention? The one where he referenced a “movement” created to replace a “failed and corrupt political establishment” with a new government “controlled by the American people”? The first time he talked about Qanon? It was a powerful speech when Trump originally gave it, and it’s…

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