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Drown The Rich

March 25, 2019, by Roland Manarin

Lots of people seem to believe that taxing the rich more than they currently do to support the poor will solve all of America’s problems, writes Joel Bowman in an article published on Internationalman.com. Democratic senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants to introduce an unconstitutional wealth tax on the “tippy top” of American…

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California: The American nightmare

September 21, 2018, by Roland Manarin

“Diversity makes us stronger, and immigration makes us more prosperous.” Have you heard that line before? It seems like a pretty common mantra for liberal politicians and voters, almost to the point that it seems like something we should all believe. But as Wayne Allyn Root wrote in a poignant article published by the Las…

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The Coming of the Roman Tax Collectors

July 19, 2018, by Roland Manarin

Many authors have written about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire over the years. However, there is one significant aspect of the decline from the fourth century that has barely been documented, according to an article on the website, International Man, written by Jeff Thomas. During this century, the central government was becoming…

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Switzerland Rejects Citizenship Bids of Residents Who Have Been on Welfare

January 19, 2018, by Roland Manarin

Immigrants and asylum seekers who are on welfare and want to become citizens of Switzerland must now pay back any money they received from the state before they can do so. According to an article by Chris Tomlinson published on breitbart.com, Switzerland is enforcing a new civil rights act that prevents residents who have received…

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