It's Your Money

A Tradition of Relevant Financial Education

It’s Your Money was one of the Omaha region’s longest running financial talk shows, on the air every week from 1986 through the first quarter of 2016. Listeners enjoyed hearing Roland Manarin and other advisors and financial experts discuss investing, personal finance, economical and geopolitical topics that could impact your wealth. The show aired every Sunday at on KFAB 1110 AM, and, for the last few years also on KMA 960 AM. Click below to hear recordings of past broadcasts.

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It’s Your Money for Feb 28, 2016

Doing Away With Cash!
Central Banks Plans For You.
How Will Negative Interest Rates Effect You?

Thank you to all who have listened.
Peace and Good Will.

It’s Your Money for Feb 21, 2016

Market Fears and Investment Decisions
Media and Emotional Markets
Objective Advice and Planning
Thank you for listening!

It’s Your Money for Feb 14, 2016

Crazy Wall street.
Safety and Your Money
Financial Threats and Proper Actions.

It’s Your Money for Feb 07, 2016

The History of The Dollar
What is Financial Safety
Threats to Financial Safety

It’s Your Money for Jan 31, 2016

Freedom Money and the Bible
Stewardship of Money
Christianity and Socialism?

It’s Your Money for Jan 24, 2016

The Markets and Volatility
Current Causes of Volatility
Economic Realities Today